The Webstore is Open!

The Webstore is Open!

The store is now open!

However, only the Starter Set, Beowulf, Aliens of the Imperium, card sleeves and tokens are currently in stock.

The other products are out of stock. Right now, you can only tell that by actually clicking on them. We’re working with our web developers to make the availability clear from the main products page.

Now, you may be wondering why the entire product line is not available. The answer is we’re committed to supporting local brick-and-mortar game stores, so we’re holding ourselves to the same release schedule that our distributor has set for retailers.

Along the same line, we urge anyone to consider purchasing the game from a local game store, if that’s an option. And if not, to consider game stores that sell online. To be clear, we love selling product, and we actually make more selling direct to you than if our game is sold via a third party. But we want to do our best to support the gaming community, and that means supporting friendly local game stores.

But if you want to buy direct from us, please feel free!

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