Travelling Companions

Travelling Companions

It can be lonely out in space, but fortunately we’ve got a few ways you can find other captains!

The Free Trader Network

The Free Trader Network (FTN) is our organized play community.  Whether you really want to challenge your deck building and game management skills, or you’d just like to associate with fellow Traveller Customizable Card Game players, the FTN may be a good starting point.

Once enrolled in the FTN, a captain’s user profile will appear on the Free Trader Network Roster.

The Player Locator

Once a captain joins the Player Locator, they will see a list of other Traveller Customizable Card Game players in their area.  We value your privacy, so the Player Locator will not return any personal information or your address.  Rather, if you enrolled in the Player Locator, other member captains in your area (within 25 miles) will see a link to your user profile.  Then it’s a matter of communicating via Private Message or the Forums.

The Forums

Our website hosts forums specifically for the Traveller Customizable Card Game community.  It’s a convenient venue to discuss all aspects of the game and to interact directly with the design team.



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