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Trouble on the Mains




Although space may look tranquil from the ground, it’s not all peace and friendship among the stars.  All manner of pirates and brigands prowl the routes of commerce, and Captains on even the most established mains can fall prey to their extractions.

Trouble on the Mains, the first expansion pack for the Traveller Customizable Card Game, adds 20 new Captain’s Cards with a specific focus on Piracy and combat.

Trouble on the Mains includes:

Three copies each of 20 Captain’s Cards.

Please note, Trouble on the Mains is not a standalone product.  A Ship Deck is necessary to play the Traveller Customizable Card Game.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 2.56 × 0.9 × 4.5 in
Captain's Card List
  • Aggravated Assault x 3
  • Alien Pathogen x 3
  • Black Market Investors x 3
  • Crackdown x 3
  • Dreaded Visage x 3
  • Gvaerrggoursu x 3
  • Hacker's Chainsaw x 3
  • Homesick x 3
  • Imlaii Ergarsuu x 3
  • Irina Tynkova x 3
  • Laying Low x 3
  • PRO-TECH Flak Jacket x 3
  • Prey on the Weak x 3
  • Realms of Rampage x 3
  • Registry Access Crash x 3
  • Rhal'Kais Chop Shop x 3
  • Sinister Reputation x 3
  • Targeted Removal x 3
  • Tear Gas Cannister x 3
  • Trouble on the Mains x 3